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Gutor MDC

Modular DC Rectifier / Battery Charger

Designed for low rating application

Gutor MDC


  • N+1 Redundancy

One (N+1) or more (N+X) redundant module can be added to the system ensuring a continuous operation for the connected load. In the event of a module failure, the load remains secure meanwhile the operator swap the new module to re-establish redundancy during operation

  • Hot Plug-in Modules

Rectifier modules can be added or replaced quickly and easily without shutting the complete system. Therefore the ability to add or remove the modules without powering down the system leads to a low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

  • Scalable and Flexible

The Gutor MDC rectifier/battery charger can be easily scaled to accomodate for future changes in load requirements. If more power is needed or additional consumers are added to the system, new modules can be simply plugged into empty slots to meet the new needs. This allows the performance of the system to grow in line with the requirements of the user, thereby reducing the initial investment. Different types of modules can also be combined and added to a system, making the Gutor MDC rectifier/battery charger highly flexible and able to meet changing requirement.