4B - 55/54 Highland Corporate Center,
4th Floor Next to Big Bazaar Kapurbawadi Thane ( w ), Maharastra 400601
24x7 Open
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Sealed Maintenance free
Free from Orientation Constraints
Easy Handling and No Installation Constraints
No Topping Required
Ready to-Use
Long Service Life
Low Self-Discharge
Excellent Charge Retention and Recovering Ability
Non Fuming
Constructional Features
Proved lead calcium tin grid alloy composition
Usage of special grade silica reduces loss of water
Unique active material based on tetrabasic paste
Rugged PP container
High density AGM separator
High Reliability
Inverters / Home UPS
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Model Container & Lid Container Colour Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity* in Ah Lenth
+/- 1mm
+/- 1mm
Height +/- 1mm Weight (kg)
+/- 5%
Upto lid top Overall height
INVASAFE 250 PP Green 12 60 350 166 174 174 22.5
INVASAFE 600 PP Green 12 150 557 172 240 240 48
INVASAFE 800 PP Green 12 200 533 250 240 240 65

*At 270C when discharge at C20 upto 1.75 vpc

Higher Discharge Rates (Optional)






Capacity Ah INVA FLAT1800










Initial Charging Instructions
  • Preferred Recharge voltage through an Inverter / Home UPS
    • Recharge to be done in Current limited – Constant voltage mode. Recharge voltage to be maintained at 14.2 +/- 0.1V for a 12V battery.
      The limit current for INVASAFE 250 shall be at 12A.
      The limit current for INVASAFE 600 shall be 30A.
      The limit current for INVASAFE 800 shall be 40A.
    • Float Voltage to be maintained at 13.7+/- 0.1V per battery, limiting current remaining at:
      12A for INVASAFE 250
      30A for INVASAFE 600
      40A for INVASAFE 800
  • Low voltage disconnect during discharge should be 10.8V for a 12V Battery.
  • Daily cumulative recharge time available must be a minimum of 16 hours after each full discharge at above.
  • The above recharge parameters are for an operating temperature range of 150C – 350C.
  • Battery is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of sale. any non-conformance to the above parameters will make guarantee void.
  • At time of installation, if battery is more than 3 months old from the date of last charge or manufacture, a freshening charge needs to be given.
  • For parallel and series strings make sure both units are from same months of manufacture.

Statutory Notice

All batteries contain lead, which is harmful for humans and environment. As per statutory requirements, the used battery must be returned to the authorized dealer, manufacturer or at the designated collection centres.