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Nishant Power Solution Pvt. Ltd. Top of the Distributor, Dealer & Suppliers  of APC Online UPS , APC Offline UPS , APC  Smart  UPS System , Uninterruptible   Power   Supply and All APC UPS system. Nishant Power are Know Top One service Provider, Dealer, Suppliers and distributor  In Mumbai Our service available 24x7X365 Days in  Mumbai  and  Thane stock available. Online UPS  1Kva to 1200KVA  including Supply of  APC UPS  Easy UPS 3L 10KVA to 500kVA Galaxy VS 10 to 150 kW (400 V) UPS Dealer in  Mumbai , Distributor in Thane supplier in India Galaxy VS UPS , Modular battery, 6 to 160kVA Parallel 400-400V and Redundant UPS With System Bypass Hire dealer in Mumbai Thane Distributer supply of pan India , 6kVA  to 500 kVA/kW 3-phase UPS redundant large data centers Expert Repairing  Dealer in Mumbai   ups suppliers in  Warehouse located at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai , Hyderabad , Indore ,Pune ,Ahmadabad, Kolkata ,Kochi . Bangalore , Ranchi ,Bhopal ,Lucknow ,Mangalore, Amritsar ,Patna , Jaipur,  Raipur, Guwahati, Nagpur, & Vapi It is connected to all Repair Centre and our regional warehouses across the India.

Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. For an unstoppable business like yours, an unstoppable back up like ours Powered by German tech & Way of Work use in India with the increasing competition in every single industry being at the  top of your game is of priority. And no one understands this better than we at Nishant Power Solutions. We understand that having a reliable back up is the true game changer and who better to rely on than a company with over 20 years of experience of doing just that. Our director Mr.Rajendra Amzare was Certified ,”Fit for Partnership with Germany”, Conducted by GIZ Germany Federal Ministry Economic Affairs &  Energy Germany with India & the program was about  One Month Management training  with multiply test, elaboration & presentation of cooperation  project, He was successfully qualified with all At ARWTH Aachen University International Academy, Germany. It is a Great  contribution , unique ideas, Motivated & Inspirational present  from Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in a Global level with  International Standard.

Most of Benefits from Nishant Power Solution Pvt. Ltd
  • Reliable and trained manpower handled the units
  • Genuine spares parts will be used hence increase the life of machine’
  • Customized Solutions
  • spares support at very reasonable price.
  • Skilled professionals
  • Tough value command management
  • Troubleshooting and servicing of units. By Manufacturer Well Train & well qualified experienced and professionals Engineer
  • Reasonable charges
  • Timely consignment
  • Ethical business practices

Nishant Power Solution Pvt. Ltd. Know as a the top supplier of Mumbai Nishant Power Service team expert for Galaxy VL  Maintenance Bypass Cabinet Top Dealer in Mumbai Delhi Thane  Galaxy VX Highly efficient 3-phase power protection with flexible operating modes 500 to 5400kVA Online UPS , APC Dealer in Mumbai and Distributor In thane pan india supplies  Smart-UPS VT 40KVA 400V, Dealer in Mumbai Vashi Thane , APC Smart-UPS VT, APC Smart-UPS RT Best Service Provider in Mumbai, Smart-UPS RT 15KVA 230V , UPS Batteries  APC Smart-UPS RT 5000VA 230V , APC Smart-UPS RT 10000VA , APC Smart-UPS RT 8000VA 230V APC Smart-UPS VT 10KVA 400V,  APC Smart-UPS RC 3000VA 230V , APC Smart – UPS RT 2000VA 230V No Batteries , APC Smart-UPS RC 10000VA 230V  , APC Smart – UPS RC 1000 VA 230 V No Batteries , APC Smart-UPS RT 6000 VA 230 V Higher Capacity UPS MG Galaxy Series , MGE Galaxy 300 MGE Galaxy 300 10KVA 400V 3:1 15KVA 400V 3:1 , 20KVA 400V 3:1  30KVA 400V 3:3  , 40KVA 400V 3:3 30KVA 400V 3:1  MGE Galaxy 300 Parallel Configuration Kit for 2 UPS

We are Expert and Product Train Engineer  In Thane , Mumbai and pan India all location  Backup UPS Sales , Service , Dealer , Distributor in Mumbai , S Pan india Thane, Vashi channel Partner APC UPS 600, Nishat Power Stock available at  Back UPS , 600VA to 2000VA  APC BX600C-IN  , BE700Y-IND ,BE800-IND , BX1100C-IN , BR1000G-IN ,BR1500G-IN ,BR24BPG-IN , BX1000UXI  ,BX2000UXI  , RS 800VA UPS  , APC UPS 1100 , APC Back UPS Pro External Battery Pack 1500VA Back UPS Pro model Stock available in Mumbai Thane Vashi Kalyan Dombiwali. ups suppliers in  Warehouse located at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai , Hyderabad , Indore ,Pune ,Ahmadabad, Kolkata ,Kochi . Bangalore , Ranchi ,Bhopal ,Lucknow ,Mangalore, Amritsar ,Patna , Jaipur,  Raipur, Guwahati, Nagpur, & Vapi It is connected to all Repair Centre and our regional warehouses across the India. APC Power-Saving Back UPS Home UPS Dealer In Mumbai Distributor In Thane Supplier In Pan Indian Nishant Power expert for  Customized  solution in Mumbai , Thane  suppliers in India with Multiple Brand and option Nishant Power Solution Pvt. Ltd. New  & Reconditioned Emerson UPS Buy & Sell.

Now-a-days power situation getting worse with time and this made a drastic increase in the demand of UPS, inverters and SMF batteries so both quality and quantity of the product is necessary and for NPS ,our customer’s satisfaction is our topmost priority, so we deliver only trusted brands to clients and is amongst that. We recommend this to our clients as they are available with user-changeable battery modules, Power modules and all time available support so that if user diagnose any problem with the machinery they can take support through a telephone call or direct connection access of its SNMP card (Simple Network Management Protocol).

All the products delivered by us comprises features such as user replaceable power, integrated manageability, hot-swapability, a Panasonic battery and intelligence modules. Nishant power with its well qualified and experienced engineers group provides tips and tricks to the clients for equipment protection with long life and further give services if any problem is diagnosed. Further, our company is dedicated as an APC dealer in Mumbai to deliver our clients good quality products at competitive prices in Mumbai and other parts of India. at present Nishant Power Solutions Pvt Ltd is dealing in UPS, DG Set, Solar Systems, Turnkey projects specialized in Data Center .

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS  

Explore a range of 3 Phase UPS systems. Fully integrated, end-to-end uninterruptible power supply solutions help maintain your enterprise-wide networks, data centers, mission-critical systems and industrial manufacturing processes….

Easy UPS 3L 1 KVA to 600KVA

The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3L, part of the 3 phase Easy UPS range, is a easy-to-configure, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 250-600 kVA 3-phase UPS that delivers high availability and predictability to medium and large commercial and industrial applications. Its fault-tolerant design streamlines installation and service, its compact footprint saves valuable real estate, and its up to 96% efficiency brings predictability to your utility costs. With its exceptional combination of competitive specifications,

compact footprint, and highly available parallel and redundant designs, the EcoStruxure connected Easy UPS 3L is the easy choice for business continuity on your shop floor or in your electrical room. Start-up service is included to optimize your system’s performance, quality, and safety.


Engineered to deliver the highest level of business continuity possible, Symmetra’s modular, redundant architecture can scale power and run time as demand increases or when higher levels of availability are required. Integrated network manageability provides real time status updates of UPS health and environmental conditions. Hot-swappable, user replaceable power, battery, and intelligence modules enables low MTTR and ease of service. Symmetra’s modular design provides redundant power in a single chassis for business-critical applications in server rooms and network closets.

Computer and Peripheral

Battery backup and surge protection for computer systems, home networking, external storage, gaming, home servers and other electronics

Easy UPS

For our home and small office customers APC by Schneider Electric delivers a new category of UPSs designed for the essential power protection needs even in the most unstable power conditions, introducing APC Easy UPS. APC Easy UPS is a versatile UPS developed to handle inconsistent power conditions while also delivering the quality millions of professionals trust around the world.

Easy UPS BV Series provides basic power protection ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity at the most critical moments.

Easy UPS SMV Series is a Line-Interactive UPS with Sinewave output developed to handle a wide voltage range in regions with inconsistent power conditions.

Part of Easy Series


The Back-UPS battery backup offers guaranteed power and surge protection for wireless networks, computers, gaming consoles and other electronics in your home or business. Models supply battery backup during outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, as well as provide protection from damaging surges and spikes. They’re available in ‘tower’ or ‘floor’ styles, and together with a variety of standard features, they are the perfect choice to protect your data and keep you connected.

Part of Back-UPS

Back-UPS Pro

The Back-UPS Pro family offers guaranteed power protection for high performance computer systems, routers/modems, external storage devices, game consoles and other electronics in your home or business. These UPSs supply electronics with abundant battery backup during outages and stabilize unsafe voltage levels. They also provide power protection from damaging surges and spikes, and allow the use of management software so you get the most out of your UPS. Premium features of this family may include Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), an LCD display, Smart Outlets, energy saving functions that reduce electricity use, network manageability, Watchdog, or configurable outlets. Together with the rest of the Back-UPS Pro’s standard features, they are the perfect choice to protect your data and keep your system available.

Part of Back-  UPS  ..


10 to 1500kW N+1
The Schneider Electric Galaxy VX UPS is a scalable, high-performance extension of the Galaxy V-Series solutions, designed for large data center and industrial applications:

  • Lower your energy costs and meet changing business requirements, with 99% efficiency in ECOnversion mode.
  • Provide excellent power quality in demanding electrical environments.
  • Install and deploy your UPS quickly.
  • Manage your power anywhere. Galaxy VX supports local and remote communication via touchscreen, Web interface, Modbus, and the Schneider Electric StruxureWare for Data Center Expert solution.

Galaxy 7000 225kVA to 500kVA Galaxy 5500 20kVA to 120kVAGalaxy 3500 ( 10kVA to 40kVA )  Quick Quote
Galaxy 3500 UPS offers compact 3 Phase UPS power protection for commercial and technical facilities as well as industrial applications.The Galaxy 3500 includes dual-mains input, automatic and maintenance bypasses, and scalable runtime with hot-swappable batteries for increased availability. The parallel capability for redundancy and capacity, new optional bypass panels, and extended run battery frames provide increased flexibility. Low cost of ownership is achieved through best-in-class efficiency and a reduction in rating of electrical infrastructure – wires, transformers, and generators. The built in Network Management Card with temperature monitoring provides remote UPS power monitoring and management through a simple interface. Serviceability is greatly enhanced by user-replaceable batteries, front access servicing, and included start-up service for maximized configurability. All these features make the Galaxy 3500 the easiest UPS in its class to deploy, manage and maintain…More details

10kVA to 500kVA
The Symmetra PX is a world class, redundant, scalable, 3 Phase UPS power protection system designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability. Seamlessly integrating into today’s state-of-the-art data center designs, the Symmetra PX is a true modular system. Made up of dedicated and redundant modules–power, intelligence, battery and bypass, all engineered into a design that is easily and efficiently serviceable, this architecture can scale power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. Symmetra PX serves as the core power train that drives InfraStruXure® systems for small and medium data centers but can also power individual “zones” of larger data centers. Highly manageable, the Symmetra PX features self-diagnostic capabilities and standardized modules which mitigate the risk of human error resulting in increased overall data center reliability.

Gutor PXC

10 to 80kVA (400V); 25 to 100kVA (208V) 
Gutor PXC 3 Phase UPS is the first pre-engineered industrial UPS for light and heavy industrial environments. Highly compact, Gutor PXC works effortlessly with your facility monitoring systems and offers full industrial design options, and a wide temperature range from -10 to +55 °C. It also features top and bottom cable entry and a fully integrated isolation transformer option( 50Hz: available today; 60Hz: coming soon). With full front service access, modular fans, and power modules, the Gutor PXC is one of the easiest UPSs in its class to deploy, install and maintain.

Galaxy Lithium Ion Battery Systems

The Schneider Electric Lithium-ion battery solution for 3-phase UPSs is a high-value, innovative energy storage protection solution for data centers, industrial processes, and critical infrastructure. The Lithium-ion battery solution significantly reduces battery footprint and weight to allow more effective use of space. It also doubles battery life and simplifies maintenance compared to traditional batteries. The higher operating temperature reduces cooling requirements, and the included battery management system improves backup storage predictability and manageability, which reduces total cost of ownership.


Network and Server

Power availability and management for entry-level to high-performance servers, storage and business networking systems


Smart-UPS™ are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the world to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions by supplying reliable, network-grade power reliably and efficiently. Available in a variety of forms factors and classes (entry level, standard and extended run), there is a model for nearly every application and budget. Standard models are the most popular UPS in the world for business servers, storage and network devices and have long been considered the benchmark for reliability and manageability. Entry level Smart-UPS models are an economical choice for small and medium businesses looking to protect small networking devices, point-of-sale (POS) equipment and entry level servers. The extended run models accept external battery packs for long runtime to power critical servers, security and communication systems through outages that could last hours.

Easy UPS On-Line

For small to medium businesses, APC by Schneider Electric delivers a new category of UPSs designed for essential power protection needs even in the most unstable power conditions. APC Easy UPS 1 Ph Online is a versatile, high quality, cost competitive UPS developed to handle a wide voltage range, inconsistent power conditions and delivering the quality millions of IT professionals trust around the world.

Smart-UPS On-Line

Smart-UPS On-Line provides high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection for servers, voice / data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. Capable of supporting loads from 1 to 20kVA in a rack/tower convertible form, the Smart-UPS On-Line is available from 2U to 12U. Recent family extensions at 15 and 20kVA enable support of power hungry blade servers or heavily loaded equipment racks. When business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes, Smart-UPS On-Line can be configured with matching battery packs to comply with aggressive runtime demands. The included PowerChute management software provides unattended graceful shutdown of network operating systems. All models 5kVA and above include an integrated Network Management Card for remote management (optional on models below 5 kVA). The Smart-UPS On-Line family provides customers with a reliable source of uninterruptible power even in demanding power environments, including very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction.


This high performance desktop battery backup offers maximum protection for computers. The fully featured APC RS features up to 4 battery backup outlets with automatic voltage regulation (AVR), enabling you to work through even the most frequent brownouts and power sags, keeping 75 minutes of battery power for when you need it most. For printers and other devices that do not store or process information, up to three additional outlets provide surge protection. Telephone dataline surge protection safeguards against surges entering via Telephone, ISDN or ADSL connections. The PowerChute Personal Edition software features easy-to-use safe system shutdown with sophisticated power management…

Apart from above we are doing third party AMC service for multiple make ups. In which we provide engineer and technical assistance for ups preventive maintenance, ups repair service ,comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC of  Eaton, Emerson, Vertiv, APC by Schneider Electric, Microtek , Delta, Hitachi,  Hi-Rel Power, Consul, Riello,  and Uniline, Aplab. Socomec.  Sales & purchase of all Make Scrap UPS , Recondition UPS Sales , Service , Hire , rental , AMC Repairing ,  Installation  and Scrap Batteries suppliers in pan India including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai , Hyderabad , Indore ,Pune ,Ahmadabad, Kolkata ,Kochi . Bangalore , Ranchi ,Bhopal ,Lucknow ,Mangalore, Amritsar ,Patna , Jaipur,  Raipur, Guwahati, Nagpur, & Vapi


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