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UPS Manufacturer

Nishant Power Solutions have significant industry experience which enables us to develop high quality UPS units. We are prominent UPS manufacturer in Mumbai. Our extensive range of UPS units is equipped with Nishant batteries to provide consistent performance and superior service. As a UPS manufacturer, we are applauded among our clientele for our customer centric service and high quality products. Our UPS units are designed and developed by our experienced industry experts, to provide excellent product quality for efficient service and easy handling.

UPS on Hire

We are an eminent dealers and service providers of UPS systems in Mumbai. We offer high power and superior quality UPS on hire. Our products are renowned among our respected clientele for reliable working and efficient service. Our UPS systems are utilized in various industries, commercial shops, residential premises to name a few. These products are tried and tested to provide effective power solutions to our customers.

UPS on Rent

Nishant Power Solutions are considered as pioneer in UPS dealership in Mumbai. We offer an extensive range of UPS on rent from reputed brands such as Online UPC, MG Galaxy series; Backup UPS, etc. our UPS systems are efficiently equipped with the Nishant batteries. Our products are available at competitive prices. We believe in providing superior quality products with honest and customer centric service.