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A continuing focus on quality and a strict adherence to International standards has enabled Su-Kam to export its products to various overseas markets across Asia, Africa, Middle East, EU and the Pacific region. Currently, Su-Kam exports close to 25% of its product range and this is poised to rise exponentially in the years' ahead. Su-Kam synergizes its expertise in manufacturing traditional power back-up systems with its focus on R && D to continuously develop new products. Su-Kam has close to 70 patents and several breakthrough technologies to its credit. This technological edge has ensured Su-Kam's position as one of the most sought after brand in power-back, both nationally and internationally!

Fuzzy Logic Control Technology

Su-Kam's advanced FLC charging technology senses the requirement of the battery and charges accordingly. This technology ensures:-

Longer Battery Life Su-Kam FLC Technology senses the exact need of the battery every time. If an older battery is unable to accept the level of voltage defined earlier, it automatically sets a new level in accordance with the battery condition and charging need. This results in enhanced battery life.
Huge Savings on Electricity Su-Kam's FLC Technology senses the battery voltage and switches it off if there is no change in the battery voltage with respect to time. In normal inverters the charger is constantly ON
Reduced Water Topping Su-Kam’s FLC technology controls the emission of gassing while charging the battery, thus reducing the frequency of water topping significantly.

Non-stop power for your computers,lights and home appliances.

So far, you've used a UPS to run your computer, printer, modem, router and other IT equipment, and a separate inverter for your lights, fans and other home appliances. Now, you only need one mighty machine Su-Kam's Torque range of Home UPS systems. Powerful and sensitive at the same time, Torque will run all your IT equipment and your electrical appliances single handedly, smoothly, without a break. The Torque comes in a range of 650 VA/12V, 850 VA /12 V and 1500 VA/24 V. Created by Su-Kam's own patented Technology.


The Torque Home UPS is small enough to fit into the space demands of today's modern households. A neat, compact design that hides a powerful heart.


Shiny is equipped with the SMPS based charger having high power factor which minimizes the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries, thereby reducing power consumption. The SMPS charger provides more pure DC supply to the batteries and hence enhances battery life with better control and response.

The SMPS based charger is 25% more efficient as compared to SCR chargers and is smaller in size, generating less heat.


In India, power cuts are very frequent for about 5-6 hours and due to this the batteries do not get charged in normal Inverters or UPS. Our Torque range is equipped with charging technology which enables the batteries to get charged 40% faster than other systems. So, even if the mains power fails repeatedly, the battery back-up will snap into action every time. It also provides far longer back-up for computers as compared to conventional UPS systems.


It can comfortably handle high in-flow of current, upto 300% of its actual capacity. And your appliances are fully protected.
For e.g. Su-Kam's Torque range can easily endure the initial load of your washing machine or water pump.


Its superior HCLC (high cut / low cut) technology ensures that the system automatically snaps into battery mode incase there is a high or a low voltage.
This in-built technology automatically regulates the power range.
Su-Kam's Torque range ensures that the appliances are protected against overloads, short circuits, battery pole reversal and battery deep discharge. No more worries of frequent breakdowns.


Su-Kam's Home UPS has the highest Cold Load Capability which means if 12 tubelights are connected to Torque (650VA) and is switched on, all 12 tubelights will be on at the same time.


In case of overload, Su-Kam's System Overload Alarm resets the Home UPS automatically. The system will retry 8 times to run the existing load. Moreover, repeated beep alarm gives the user adequate time to reduce the load without having to shut down the system and the user doesn't have to go to the UPS to reset the button for overload. In case the load is still not reduced, the system will shut down automatically.


You can choose a modular trolley which meets the aesthetics of your home and office and provides ease of operation with its castor wheels, so you can move the inverter around your home, if needed. Keeps your flooring spotless from any kind of acid spillage from the battery.