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Sealed Calcium

  • Fill battery grade Sulphuric acid in all the cells up the required levels. Filiing Specific Gravity 1.245+0.005 at 27°C
  • Fully Charged Specific Gravity 1.245+0.005 at 270C
  • Charge the batteries with constant current as indicated in the table, until the top of charge voltage reaches 2.70 Volts per cell.
Global batteries Rocket SMF Calcium Batteries is the special product for automotive Industry.
These batteries give high starting current for short duration.
They are extensively used for automotive application.
However these batteries can be used for UPS application also.

Structure & Characteristics


  • At full charge, the electrolyte specific gravity is 1.280 while at 50% of charge considered the minimum serviceable condition, the specific gravity is typically 1.220. In a typical situation when the specific gravity drops to 1.100, the battery is fully discharged.

Heat Sealed Covers

  • Prevent contamination and also adds to the strength and rigidity.
  • Include permanent flame arresters to prevent and accidental explosion from external sparks of flame.
  • Have hydrometer built in for faster checking.

Exclusive Patented Liquid Gas Separator

  • Prevents electrolyte losses by collection and returning liquid to the reservoir.
  • Vents allow the battery to "breathe" during temperature changes and charging

Centered Cast-on Plate Straps

  • Stronger than the thinner gas-burned conventional connectors.
  • Reduce the lever action movement resulting from road shock.

Wrought Lead-Calcium Grids

  • Offer considerable strength
  • Resistant to grid corrosion
  • Over-charge resistant
  • Minimum gasing and water usage
  • Less self-discharge
  • Resist thermal runway

Low - Resistance Envelope Separators

  • Encapsuate negative plates
  • Improve vibration durability
  • Prevent "treeing" and internal shorting between pos. and neg. plates

Flame Arrester

  • Safety systems
  • Prevent the explosion from spark of outside
  • Minimize the acid-leakage
  • Prevent the inflow of dust.