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Rocket Battery dealer in Mumbai

Rocket Battery dealer & Exide battery in Mumbai

We at Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. supply a range of internationally acclaimed, heavy-duty, high-performing and long-lasting excide battery systems in Mumbai, India. They have applications in several industries, automobiles, lighting back-up supply and other high-power operations. Several genuine and pre-verified rocket battery dealers in Mumbai have registered with us. We deliver worldwide an array of specially designed batteries, available in various voltages, dimensions and power capacities. Our UPS systems assembled with Exide batteries of Rocket batteries are designed to suit the requirements of industrial and commercial applications. We ensure reliability, affordability and consistent performance, through our products and services, at market leading rates.

Exide battery in Mumbai

Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is well-liked as battery dealers in not only Mumbai, but also in other cities in India. We supply heavy-duty, high performing and long-lasting excide battery systems for various industrial applications, automobiles, lighting back-up supply for heavyweight operations. We have devised different units of Exide battery systems, especially to cater the target customers in Mumbai.

Exide Battery Supplier

We are a prominent power solution company. We are Exide battery supplier applauded for heavy-duty, high performance and durability of our products. Our extensive range of battery products employed in various industries. These products are designed and developed to suit the requirement of various industrial purposes. Exide batteries offered by us fulfill the power requirements of automobiles and a range of heavy-duty operations.