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Panasonic VRLA Batteries

Panasonic SMF VRLA Battery 12V 150ah

Item Code: 12v150ah

Panasonic batteries are equipped with Unique Grid Technology and designed for 10years of Float – Life application, thus service life of these batteries is longer than any other brand available in market.

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Panasonic’s tough Valve Regulated Lead Acid rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, over discharge and resisting vibration and shock. Before shipping, Panasonic tests each battery thoroughly for its electrical continuity, rated Ampere-hour capacity and 100 percent jar-to cover seal leak air tightness to ensure quality and performance in the field.
Panasonic's Latest "P-series" Are Available in "Fire Retardant Containers" to Prevent the Occurences of Fire Because of    Batteries.
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