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Panasonic VRLA Batteries

Panasonic SMF VRLA Battery 12v-120AH

Item Code: Make-12v-120ah

We offer Electric Panasonic Battery. The extensive range of Panasonic make 12v 120ah offered by us is available in different length, width, height and rated capacities.

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Reliable Built-in-safety features
Low cost of these batteries reduce the cost of electric vehicles completely recycled based on the latest    technology
Latest Panasonic "P-series" Batteries Are Available in "Fire Retardant Containers" to Prevent the Occurences of    Fire Because of Batteries


Technical Specifications:

  Nominal Voltage 12V
  Rated Capacity (20 hour rate) 120Ah
Dimensions Length 402
Width 173
Height 210
Total Height* 236
  Mass (Approx. kg) 37