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Cosmic Digital UPS


The power to perform
There’s more to Su-kam’s Cosmic Digital UPS than its cool, contemporary looks. Underneath that stylish exterior is a superior technology that gives you awesome features, better safety standards and enhanced performance.

Breaking away from traditional style, the R&D team at Su-Kam has given the Cosmic Digital UPS a very futuristic smart look in a bright colour scheme making it a lifestyle product that can only add to your home interiors.

The Cosmic Digital UPS is also available as a complete package with the Cosmic Trolley and a Cosmic 150Ah battery.


SMD (Surface Mount Device) Technology: 

The PCB card based SMD technology reduces the size of the Cosmic Digital UPS. This not only reduces human error while manufacturing, it also makes it far more efficient than any other conventional system.

  • Instant switchover: The Cosmic Digital UPS has instant switchover for consistent supply of power. It also comes with safer voltage stabilization that protects your sensitive equipment.
  • Fire resistant and shock proof body: The Cosmic Digital UPS comes sheathed in a high-grade polycarbonate body that can withstand temperatures as high as 200-250 degree Celsius. This high-grade polycarbonate body also ensures 100% protection from any electric shocks.
  • Multi-information Graphic Display Panel: This really helpful feature displays the real time status of the system.
  • Convenient Trolley: For ease of use and safety, the Cosmic Digital UPS comes with the Cosmic Trolley, which is a screw-less mobile trolley.
  • Enhanced protection: Cosmic Digital UPS automatically shuts down in case of short circuit, high temperature, battery overload or a situation of low battery. It’s built in audio and visual warning signals buzz in the event of overload, fuse blowing etc.
  • Power Active Switch: Enables you to power up the load through the mains in case of low voltage.


Cosmic Digital UPS is ideal for 2 to 3 bedroom houses with sensitive, hi tech equipment. 

Solar Compatibility

Cosmic Home UPS / Inverter is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

Load Chart

850VA / 12V
Load Option A B C D
PC 1
TV 1
Tube Light 3 3 4 2
Fans 3 3 1 2
Room Cooler 1
CFL 2 4 2 2